Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i'm trying SO HARD to do the swimming. my body wants to zoom along in the water REAL BAD, but the tattoo... argh! the tattoo. it's such a baby. can't be submerged in the water. the press and seal saran wrap doesn't work. i get in the pool, do my warm-up and 2 laps in its coming off. 10 minutes in. the stupid poopyhead tattoo can't be in the water without air for another 35 minutes. i'm going to just try slathering on a whole baby's butt full of vaseline on it tomorrow and see what happens. at least i'm getting up and going to try and do it instead of giving up and just staying in bed. that's a step in the right direction. :)

i'm really not motivated to be at work today. i'd like to go and complete my schedule. NOW.

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