Monday, March 9, 2009

geeking out

about paper. really. there are about 100 pages of potential incredible times sitting on my coffee table that i will be sifting through this week to whittle it down to a 4 page excel spreadsheet of orgasm-inducing bliss. i don't know why i'm so excited about making the schedule this year.
the streaks of pink, yellow and green highlighter... the rankings per day and hour from 12 noon to 3am... my big map of 6th street and south austin spread out on the floor around me... let the anal-retentiveness begin.

i know this sounds right-brained crazy, but it's for a purpose. i'm anal about it now so the ONLY 2 things my brain has to register during 4-5 days of zombie-like awe and blissed-out exhaustion will be 1. who, of these 3 bands for this hour, am i going to see next, and 2. where's my next hot dog coming from?

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