Sunday, March 8, 2009

i really do live in the "south"

i still have to say it in quotes, but today, when i was at the grocery store, it really hit me that i still live in the "south".
exhibit a:

i don't think these live north of the mason-dixon or west of the rio grande. the rio grande may even be pushing it. boiled peanuts may even be specific to alabama since i really haven't seen them elsewhere. now, understand that these aren't "real" boiled peanuts for the following reasons:
1. they are shelled
2. they are in a can
3. they were not purchased at one of several lean-tos that line the rural roads in alabama from huge iron boiling vats of brine on the way to the airport in dothan or on the way back from panama city beach
4. they are not spelled "bol'd p'nuts"

i just needed to share because this made me smile today.

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