Thursday, July 21, 2011

a few observations:

1. the IT guy here is magical. he just sent me 200GB of music that's stored on the server. there's so much... everything! on there... stuff i wouldn't get myself but would gladly be given (INXS? Ah-Ha? LAMB OF GOD??! yes please!) i like it when geeky dudes like me.

2. what is so fuckin' special about couches? why can i ALWAYS get to sleep on a couch? i don't understand it. so, for the next three sunday and monday nights, i will be sleeping on the couch.

3. there is seriously nothing like small asian hands massaging your hands and feet. my feet have been missing pedicures for the past few months and now they're all pretty! why do i feel so girly when i've gotten a pedicure. the pedicure, manicure, eyebrow wax combo for $50 (including tip) is MORE than worth it in so many ways.

4. i've been having headaches for the past week and everything tastes like pennies. that's not right, right? it's totally a TOOMAH, right?

Friday, July 15, 2011

dear mamas and daddies:

i know there are a lot of you out there. this is just a reminder that your grown-up problems aren't shit compared to the responsibility that you have to your babies. please bring the rememberance to the front of your mind that the babies don't have the vocabulary to tell you when something is really wrong or bad - they don't know that the word "innocence" or "spirit" is what describes their special magic or how to tell you that someone or something is trying to take it away, so they act out. they scream that different scream for you (the scream you hope to never hear) to protect their magic because that is YOUR ONLY JOB and they make themselves physically sick so they can leave the place they know is bad, so please please listen to them.
so if your babies are being assholes when they usually aren't, THERE IS TOTALLY A REASON.

i know it's random and i know you all know this already, but i needed to get that out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

well, DUH!

today i had a meeting with my advisor for my big girl school. he basically said, "you can have you bachelors by december 2012 EASY. you're awesome and on top of it." to which i answered "DUH! i don't have the time to NOT be on top of it."
he really liked that response.

AND i found out that i'm essentially going to be writing the same paper for the next 2-4 years starting this fall: 1st quarter - outline; 2nd quarter - 25 page "primer"; 3rd and 4th quarters - 50 page senior paper/graduate school application; quarters 6 + - 75-100 page master's thesis.
i think i'm gonna have to bone a writer to get that much writing mojo in me.

finally, the only bummer about the morning was financial aid. i qualify for $4146/term. my tuition ALONE is $4908/term and that's only if i do the bare minimum of 12 units (which is SO not going to happen) and that's not inclusive of books or supplies or LIVING or anything, so i have to pray to the credit gods that someone will give me a private loan for the rest of the bits. i don't want ALL of my living expenses paid for, i fully intend to be employed... part-time... but part-time ain't gonna pay for me to live and buy textbooks and pay the deficit in my tuition. financial aid blows. anyone have a part-time job where i can NET at least $1500/mo? because that's what i need to live.
those credit gods are aholes. they don't even take a bj for collateral anymore these days! GAH!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

eff you portland!

E.P.I.C. weather fail brah. you couldn't even be summery for 10 days before you had to go all cold and rainy again.

are you for serious?! i'm ready to roshambo your ass.

gosh, i hate your face sometimes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

bsg, i bid you adieu

you were... good enough. EJO is officially the #2 badassedest dad on tv, with jack from alias (victor garber) being #1. you did good, it's going to be VERY difficult to match and exceed the daddy badassery of jack.
admittedly, i got a litle bored after sam became a head case and went all baldy so he could become a hybrid. i totally saw that coming, by the way. and that was around the time that they just kind of stopped writing for chief too, so, yeah, i got a little disinterested. and that's also the time when they started giving EJO's kidlet a little more plot line and he kind of looks like a blank slate to me - bodie. what kind of name is BODIE? but good on him for knowing someone who can pull strings.
i do like that "all along the watchtower" was actually written 155,000 years ago as coordinates, but it makes me wonder, bob dylan: cylon? lord of kobol? why'd he get to write it this much later? THAT would have been an awesome transition to present day.
i also like that they weren't afraid to show old people making out and having sex. AND old cancer-y people having sex. that stuff's not pretty and tv pretty much avoids that because it's not pretty. kudos to you!
finally, i admit i was happily surprised to find out about ellen. if she hadn't been what she was, i would have questioned her whole existence in the series because, before then, she was nothing but a pointless asshole.

so, bsg, i'm done with you and i bid you a fond farewell. so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

dear bsg season 2:

i would like to thank you for a few things:

1. thank you THANK YOU for providing some legit eye-candy for the ladies in anders. he's not PERFECT and he's pretty jerry o'connell-looking but he distracts me from what has to be one totally gay, now commander, adama whom i've never found to be that attractive.

2. thank you for keeping the chief around. i love him lots. like a big cuddly bear brother. AW CHIEF!

3. thank you for bringing al from "quantum leap" (dean stockwell) in as, not only the most bitchin' preacher ever, but also a cylon. i think i have 7 of 12 models counted now.

4. xena is a cylon?! what? you just made a whole lot of lesbians very happy.

5. thank you for making me VERY excited about the impending "cowboys vs. aliens". i don't know why i'm so excited about seeing it now, but i am.

6. EJO should not try to work the 'stache. it makes him look like a mix between col. sanders and a vato. although, he prolly is and he would rock that too.

7. gaeta is gay data from stat trek: the next generation, right?

8. every episode, i want to punch baltar in the nuts. EVERY. EPISODE. he's such a whiny little bitch.

9. again, thank you for anders.



Friday, July 1, 2011


i've just finished episode 11 of season 1 of battlestar galactica and here is my theory on the cylon's plan:

they're helping the peeps get to kobol so they can show the cylons (unintentionally) how to get to earth so the can take over earth too. cylon boomer and helo (RAWR!!) on caprica are meant to propagate a species of human/cylon while the cylons deplete earth so they'll have somewhere to go back to. and they just bounce back and forth between the two whenever one is depleted.

can cylons even have babies? i don't know yet.

ok. geek talk done.