Wednesday, August 24, 2011

where i totally talk about poo

i have seriously been holding this (but not that) in for the past month, but i'm still so amazed by it that i have to say something!

last month i read this STUPID (read: awesomely informative) book and i stopped eating meat. i'm not stringent about it (if i'm eating vegetable soup and i find out there's a chicken broth base, i don't purge for 3 days and cry about the "thing with a face" that i ate the juice of) and i refuse to call myself one of those "v" words because if i do, i won't want to do it anymore. i'm not eating eggs either and i'm minimizing the dairy, but haven't (and probably won't) eliminated it.
yes, i feel awesome. yes, i'm experimenting with food. yes, i'm going to get skinnypants, but not that skinny because that's just not how my body is set-up. no, i still can't get to sleep in my own bed at night. yes, i'm eating a shit-ton of beets.

but the most amazing thing to me is the sheer volume of poo that is coming out of me on a daily basis! i thought that it would let up after about a week or so - i'm not eating more food or anything, just different food. and i'm freakin' pooing ALL. THE. TIME. and not a little, but LOTS. i'm sure my body is detoxing a little and whatnot, but this is getting hilariously ridiculous. as someone who has juice fasted a few times before and had to help that elimination along and see what that looks like, i'm flabbergasted by all of this.

will i ever stop pooing in this volume?! crazy!

ps - POO!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

flashback: los angeles

word of mouth parade - gus
almost everything about the day i first heard this album was exceptional. i've been thinking about that day, the minutae of that day, all week since the itunes just couldn't stop playing tracks off the album.

this album is 100% la to me and always will be. even the manner in which i procured it was "la":
eleven years ago, i walked into this scene from a movie: the sketchy apartment - dark. mid-afternoon sunlight fighting it's way through miniblinds giving the room that burnt orange look. a shaggy dude wearing sunglasses and an accent - the producer - was sitting on a shaggy couch with a twitchy friend who came in from the kitchen. tim, being the overexcited puppy he was, started talking a mile a mintue as soon as the door opened. i saw the eyes behind the shades rolling.
tim never knew how to gauge a room - i hope he's learned by now.
i wasn't introduced so i don't remember the guy's name. while tim is babbling away, shaggy, dubious producer sees me inspecting this cd on the coffee table with just the word "gus" written in sharpie on it and nods to me to take it. then he does what he can to get this poncey little shit out of his apartment, tout suite baby.
i immediately popped that cd into the player in the truck and this album is what came out.

i still haven't stopped listening to it.

unfortunately, tim got the original score in the breakup proceedings. wah wah.