Saturday, March 28, 2009

the marketers have found my weakness

we all know how marketing people are paid to figure out what words trigger the buying impulse in mass consumers and then stick those words in bright, large print on the front of their product, right?
you know - most of the time they're as simple as: "new!" or "your child won't choke on this!" or "anti-bacterial!" or "chocolate!"

i've never though of myself as one of those people who buys into that stuff. i really think it because i'm just not a shopper at heart.
but this afternoon when i went to target in search of plant food (i really want my bush to flower - ha!), the marketers got me. BIG TIME.

that's right. this plant food is made with liquefied worm POOP. i had to buy it. i give major kudos to anyone who is ballsy enough to put "poop" on the front of their packaging. anyone who is ballsy enough to make it their major selling point.
initially i thought, "it says 'liquefied worm poop', i have to get this!" but on the way home i asked myself, did i really need the "liquefied" or "worm" part? nope.

it was the "poop" that sold me. i'm now on the look-out for anything that uses "poop" on it's actual product to sell it. not "excrement" not "waste" not "droppings" but "POOP". say it loud and say it proud.

it'll sell me even more if it works and my bush of black-eyed susans actually blooms.

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