Thursday, July 14, 2011

well, DUH!

today i had a meeting with my advisor for my big girl school. he basically said, "you can have you bachelors by december 2012 EASY. you're awesome and on top of it." to which i answered "DUH! i don't have the time to NOT be on top of it."
he really liked that response.

AND i found out that i'm essentially going to be writing the same paper for the next 2-4 years starting this fall: 1st quarter - outline; 2nd quarter - 25 page "primer"; 3rd and 4th quarters - 50 page senior paper/graduate school application; quarters 6 + - 75-100 page master's thesis.
i think i'm gonna have to bone a writer to get that much writing mojo in me.

finally, the only bummer about the morning was financial aid. i qualify for $4146/term. my tuition ALONE is $4908/term and that's only if i do the bare minimum of 12 units (which is SO not going to happen) and that's not inclusive of books or supplies or LIVING or anything, so i have to pray to the credit gods that someone will give me a private loan for the rest of the bits. i don't want ALL of my living expenses paid for, i fully intend to be employed... part-time... but part-time ain't gonna pay for me to live and buy textbooks and pay the deficit in my tuition. financial aid blows. anyone have a part-time job where i can NET at least $1500/mo? because that's what i need to live.
those credit gods are aholes. they don't even take a bj for collateral anymore these days! GAH!

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