Thursday, July 21, 2011

a few observations:

1. the IT guy here is magical. he just sent me 200GB of music that's stored on the server. there's so much... everything! on there... stuff i wouldn't get myself but would gladly be given (INXS? Ah-Ha? LAMB OF GOD??! yes please!) i like it when geeky dudes like me.

2. what is so fuckin' special about couches? why can i ALWAYS get to sleep on a couch? i don't understand it. so, for the next three sunday and monday nights, i will be sleeping on the couch.

3. there is seriously nothing like small asian hands massaging your hands and feet. my feet have been missing pedicures for the past few months and now they're all pretty! why do i feel so girly when i've gotten a pedicure. the pedicure, manicure, eyebrow wax combo for $50 (including tip) is MORE than worth it in so many ways.

4. i've been having headaches for the past week and everything tastes like pennies. that's not right, right? it's totally a TOOMAH, right?

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