Friday, July 15, 2011

dear mamas and daddies:

i know there are a lot of you out there. this is just a reminder that your grown-up problems aren't shit compared to the responsibility that you have to your babies. please bring the rememberance to the front of your mind that the babies don't have the vocabulary to tell you when something is really wrong or bad - they don't know that the word "innocence" or "spirit" is what describes their special magic or how to tell you that someone or something is trying to take it away, so they act out. they scream that different scream for you (the scream you hope to never hear) to protect their magic because that is YOUR ONLY JOB and they make themselves physically sick so they can leave the place they know is bad, so please please listen to them.
so if your babies are being assholes when they usually aren't, THERE IS TOTALLY A REASON.

i know it's random and i know you all know this already, but i needed to get that out.

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