Sunday, July 10, 2011

bsg, i bid you adieu

you were... good enough. EJO is officially the #2 badassedest dad on tv, with jack from alias (victor garber) being #1. you did good, it's going to be VERY difficult to match and exceed the daddy badassery of jack.
admittedly, i got a litle bored after sam became a head case and went all baldy so he could become a hybrid. i totally saw that coming, by the way. and that was around the time that they just kind of stopped writing for chief too, so, yeah, i got a little disinterested. and that's also the time when they started giving EJO's kidlet a little more plot line and he kind of looks like a blank slate to me - bodie. what kind of name is BODIE? but good on him for knowing someone who can pull strings.
i do like that "all along the watchtower" was actually written 155,000 years ago as coordinates, but it makes me wonder, bob dylan: cylon? lord of kobol? why'd he get to write it this much later? THAT would have been an awesome transition to present day.
i also like that they weren't afraid to show old people making out and having sex. AND old cancer-y people having sex. that stuff's not pretty and tv pretty much avoids that because it's not pretty. kudos to you!
finally, i admit i was happily surprised to find out about ellen. if she hadn't been what she was, i would have questioned her whole existence in the series because, before then, she was nothing but a pointless asshole.

so, bsg, i'm done with you and i bid you a fond farewell. so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night!

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