Sunday, July 3, 2011

dear bsg season 2:

i would like to thank you for a few things:

1. thank you THANK YOU for providing some legit eye-candy for the ladies in anders. he's not PERFECT and he's pretty jerry o'connell-looking but he distracts me from what has to be one totally gay, now commander, adama whom i've never found to be that attractive.

2. thank you for keeping the chief around. i love him lots. like a big cuddly bear brother. AW CHIEF!

3. thank you for bringing al from "quantum leap" (dean stockwell) in as, not only the most bitchin' preacher ever, but also a cylon. i think i have 7 of 12 models counted now.

4. xena is a cylon?! what? you just made a whole lot of lesbians very happy.

5. thank you for making me VERY excited about the impending "cowboys vs. aliens". i don't know why i'm so excited about seeing it now, but i am.

6. EJO should not try to work the 'stache. it makes him look like a mix between col. sanders and a vato. although, he prolly is and he would rock that too.

7. gaeta is gay data from stat trek: the next generation, right?

8. every episode, i want to punch baltar in the nuts. EVERY. EPISODE. he's such a whiny little bitch.

9. again, thank you for anders.



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