Thursday, May 14, 2009

thinking... musically

i've been neglecting you darling! it's been a little crazy at work and i've only wanted to escape at home, so you've been left by the way-side.

anyhoo, i'm listening to the new wilco like 3/4ths of the hipster population of austin is right now. let me be honest here, i've not listened to a LICK of wilco before. i just know of them, well, because people don't ever stop talking about them. i kind of feel bad about it now too. musically, this is right up my alley. if i astral-projected into someone else who listened to these guys and met me knowing my love of music, i would slap me for not listening to them before.
BUT, i'm not really feelin' it. from listening to this album ONLY, i kind of feel like they're the radiohead of alt-country/americana - so full of themselves that they can't stand it and wholly lacking in a sense of humor. these guys sound really jayhawks-ish. am i remembering correctly that one is an off-shoot of another? and uncle tupelo is in this mix somewhere, right? it's all one big, incestuous, americana love-fest... with no joy on the inside.

i could be totally wrong about this. maybe i need to listen to these guys in the car. maybe i need to listen to them on shuffle. i dunno, but they're not doin' it for me right now.

i'm totally open to album suggestions that might sway me.

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  1. *sigh* Thank you, I had read this before, but forgotten. It makes me feel better about the generic passion-less feeling I get. I mean, it's okay, just...empty for me.