Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i had a dream this morning that mike doughty was staying in my spare bedroom. i gave him a blow-up bed and blankets figuring he'd know what to do with them. when i went in to check in on him, he had the bed laid out flat and deflated with the blankets in top of it, intending to sleep like that. while getting him blown up, this woman came in furious that jon dee graham was wandering around in my backyard. so furious that she got some peanut m&ms and bit something out of them and intended to get him the hell out of there. like the biting the m&m made it explosive or something. she goes to the backyard and comes back because he'd already left but, while she was out there, she saw lance armstrong sitting on top of my porch cover, just chillin', looking like he'd just finished his nightly bike ride. she didn't say anything to him, but came inside and ranted to me about it - she wouldn't shut-up. lance saw this through mike's window and stood up and walked back up these wooden, white-washed stairs that randomly led from his backyard to my porch top. then i woke up.

this is a lot of dream for someone who didn't get a lot of sleep. why do i name-drop so much in dreams? hm.

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