Tuesday, May 5, 2009


...starring chuck prophet.
time: now. setting: i'm at a concert in a random field - tim easton is playing with his band - and i'm talking to this canadian dude about everything and nothing. i only know he's canadian because he looks like a mountain man and says "aboot" and he just has a sense of being canadian. there aren't a lot of people there, but when i'm done talking to the canadian dude, i noticed that more people had showed up. more people like lou, steve, john doe and chuck prophet amongst others (that i couldn't put names with).
john doe had a bushy beard and was still hot and was standing in front of the "barricade" that separated the band from the crowd (it was a loose rope) like he was going to sing some stuff with them, but he didn't. chuck was somewhere behind me in the crowd. lou was talking with chuck. steve popped up beside me and i asked him what he was doing there and how long he was going to be around - he said he was doing some children's benefit something or other and that he was only in town for that day. and then i told him that john doe was up there and steve said "he's so hot" dreamily.
then the show was over and i find lou. he and chuck are talking in this tent and i just saddle-up beside lou and listen to what they're talking about. they're talking like they've known each other for years - like lou always does with people. i ask chuck if he's in town for his show and he says yes, but then i think to myself "that's not until next week." then i ask if he's here the whole time and he said yes and i left it at that. then we leave the tent and chuck, being the gangly "stretch armstrong-ish" dude he his, hits his head on the top of the tent and is kind of fidgeting to get out of there. then lou has to go somewhere and chuck grabs my hand and pulls me running into this field with a huge swing-set. the swing set is odd because it has a couple of normal swings on it, but on either end, there are these ribbon/rope swings where you are swinging on them from your feet, but in a good way. so chuck takes off all his clothes and gets on one end of the feet swing and starts swinging so high. then, not one to let anyone feel singled out for being naked, i take off all my clothes, watch him swing a little bit more and then i get on the feet swing on the other end and just soar through the air and twist and spin and just fly real real high - full of laughs and smiles and fun - this was happy flying. it was awesome! then, when i was at a peak i noticed little dots of people below - i got the sense they were kids - and then i get a fade out.
fade back in to me and tori at my house getting my mail. for some reason i share a mailbox with one other person and the mailman punches a hole in all my mail so we know who's mail is who's. in the mailbox, there are all these empty, folded up bags from fancy places, all with holes punched in them, marked "paris". i seem to know what these are and i roll my eyes and say, "why does steve always send me empty bags from paris? always empty bags. why can't he send me chocolates? just once, chocolates from paris?" and then i woke up.

anyone care to interpret?

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