Friday, August 21, 2009

i think i'm losing my mind.

i got up this morning, went thought my usual routine - doing the same thing i do everyday. i look down at my bedside lamp, the lamp i've had next to my bed for at least 5 years and saw this:

now, let me give you a close-up (its a little blurry because i'm not a good photographer):

that is a sticker. of a fish. of a cartoon fish. of flounder from "the little mermaid" (affectionately known as "the little turdmaid" in my house). on my lamp.

WHERE THE HELL DID IT COME FROM??? and why haven't i noticed it until now? do i have the ghost of a 6 year old girl in my room who wanted me to know that she was thinking about me? maybe. that would be a nice thought. but until i know, i'm slightly skeeved.

there a bit of the randomness that goes on in my life. daily. it's scary.

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