Monday, August 3, 2009

ida maria - yeah, i'm not even going to try to come up with something clever.

because this girl doesn't need it. FUCK ME she and her awesome band put on a great show. i know it's not hard - they're simple songs, they're simple chord chord chord distortion bridge, but, in my opinion, the simplicity is where the performer is made. if you can make a kick ass show with that simple a formula, then you ARE the consummate performer in my opinion. you don't have anything to hide behind then. the ultimate, unspoken test: you, the audience and your simple songs. and if you can't pull that off, then you're screwed.
besides that, it's a MONDAY NIGHT. who goes to a show and gets crazy on a monday night?!?! apparently austin does for this girl. i was chatting with the bass player after the show and he couldn't believe how amazing the crowd was - especially for a monday night. i told him that it isn't always like that. i love it when people can wow other people.

as i write this, i'm still salty and sweaty - glasvegas didn't impress me enough to stay past 3 songs - sorry! they're essentially interpol and the killers having a scottish baby. i just didn't feel it. maybe their one album is better? and i didn't dig that they were kind of hiding behind their light show.

i think i love her more because i knew, the minute she stepped on stage, that she was me if i could sing and write songs. she is the kind of performer i'd be, only i'd be better. *grin*

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