Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i've met a lot of ladies lately that say they don't "do" oral. and then make a disgusted face about it.


i mean, that's something i LOVE to do. and i'm not just saying that. now, i understand that i don't have the same sexual appetite as a lot of people out there, but to be DISGUSTED by the thought? and it's SO limiting and closed minded!
i know that i have to temper it and i learned the hard way that i need to have them be the giver first before i slap some cock in my mouth or it's going to be a never ending spiral of one-sided giving, but i can't imagine being disgusted by the thought.

dudes out there, i feel sorry for you if you meet the ladies i've met lately who "just don't do that". what a sad existence for your cock. i know some dudes who don't reciprocate, but i don't fuck them. as a matter of fact, it's one of the first questions i ask when i meet someone that i might want to do: "do you go diving at the Y?" if the answer is no, then my answer is no. full stop.

besides the physical parts of it, there are so many other implications that go along with NOT doing that. i could go on and on about that, but i won't. i just wanted to make my truly sad observation. *sigh*

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