Monday, June 8, 2009


at least for the issue at hand for me. this just means no house. and it *hopefully* means i'm not going to be in this office this time next year. it means a lot of saving. it means maybe not coming back here as soon as i expect. i feel a lot of fun and learning. i feel like i might actually be able to run away.
maybe some freakishly tall and sterile dutch man will sweep me off my feet with his square face, dark hair, light eyes and brain full of logic. maybe some normal height, broad, dark, greek fisherman will win me over with his smelliness and light-hearted hilarity. maybe i will meet the most giant japanese man who will try and be my sugar-daddy. but, i feel in my gut that it will be the predictable for me: burly irish fella with dark, curly hair and twinkling eyes and an always smiling, laughing face will roll over me and take me away without my even knowing it.
and the ladies! i can't even IMAGINE the awesome chicks i'm going to meet.
all of these thoughts are going to get me through the scraping i'm going to have to do over the next year. WOO HOO!

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