Wednesday, April 8, 2009


um. i think i have a date on monday. whatever it is, i know it's going to end in fucking. but... i think it might be a date. that ends in fucking.

the word "plan" was used. you don't use "plan" with only fucking, right? at least not when it's 5 days away.
when you use "plan" with fucking it's a "let me PLAN on how to get my roommate out of the house for a few hours this afternoon so we can screw like wild monkeys"
not: "monday?" "sounds good" "do you want to PLAN it or should i?" WHAT??? (can i make that WHAT with 3 questions marks a little bigger to express my lack of understanding?) "i'll let you take the drivers seat on this one" "deal"

i don't know how to feel about this. i'm much more comfortable with the fucking than the date.

i haven't done that in a long time. i hope i remember how. HA! i say that like i knew how at one point.

this will be an adventure.

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