Monday, April 27, 2009

the most horribly offensive...

...rental car EVER. the dodge calibur. in electric blue.

i walk into the alamo office on thursday night and do the whole "self check-in" thing because i really didn't feel like talking to other people. i had requested a compact car. i was hoping for something inconspicuous and asian. what i got looked like a 4 year old colored a (non-compact) box with a blue highlighter and someone took it apart and made a a car out of it.
besides that, it smelled like ass. it smelled like someone had really fucked-up the inside and they tried to cover up the smell, but what they used just made it worse. and the smell seeped into everything. so i smelled like that rental car all weekend.
it has a jerky drive and is loud and gargantuan and has super-limited visual space. as in, they were so concerned with making as many corners as they could on this car that it made the windshield and windows smaller. this car is the opposite of compact. which wouldn't have been so bad if i didn't have to park in l.a.
i saw people driving these things all weekend and i really hoped they just got the short-end of the rental car stick like i did because i don't want to know the people who VOLUNTARILY BUY this p.o.s. car.

end rant.

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