Thursday, November 8, 2012

a random text thread

some poor punter from Kentucky texted me randomly this morning. here's the transcript (all spelling and punctuation kept the same for continuity sake):

KY: Who's this?

me: Perhaps you should look in a mirror and ask yourself that. I can't tell you who you are.

KY: Thats cute......then why don't you tell me your name and mine as well

me: Apparently my label is "cute". But I couldn't tell you yours as I'm not really into limiting a person or idea by naming it.

KY: Hahaha I didn't say you were cute it was sarcasm for wat you said. But when are you going to give me a name....??(I don't know how to type upside down question marks, but there are 2)

me: I already said I don't limit things by naming them. So I won't give you one, but you're welcome to give one to yourself.

KY: I already no my name but you have a name you were given so wat do your friends call you

me: Oh many things: Hey you. Oh gracious, serene and beautiful one. Dude. You know, the usual.

KY: Well wats the name your parents gave you

me: "are you sure we brought the right kid home from the hospital?" I know its long, but its what's on the birth certificate. People call me "kid".

KY: Lol smh so when are you gunna stop giving me the run around in tell me your name

me: I just did. Kid.

KY: Ok well tell me how you got my number

me: You're the one who texted me. So I should be asking that question of you.

KY: No you texted me first saying.... I hope so.I don't what to have to start all over again. Again.

me: Hm... Nope. I didn't send that to you. Or to anyone.

KY: Well that's wat my phone is showing

me: I think your phone has mutinied and is lying to you.

KY: Lol chill out...but wat school to you go to then

me: I go to the school of hard knocks. Where do you go?

KY: Can I get a real answer though

me: That is the real answer.

KY: In where is that located at

me: There are several campuses worldwide.

KY: In how does this so called school work

me: It utilizes aversion therapy to educate.

KY: Mhmm I how old are you

me: Old enough to know better, young enough to keep on doing it. Often.

KY: Why don't you give straight up answers

me: Like Paula Abdul answers? Last time I checked she was heavily medicated. I wouldn't trust her answers.

KY: Do you act like this to all the people you text

me: I act like this to all of the strange people who text me, yes.

KY: O I see

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