Wednesday, August 24, 2011

where i totally talk about poo

i have seriously been holding this (but not that) in for the past month, but i'm still so amazed by it that i have to say something!

last month i read this STUPID (read: awesomely informative) book and i stopped eating meat. i'm not stringent about it (if i'm eating vegetable soup and i find out there's a chicken broth base, i don't purge for 3 days and cry about the "thing with a face" that i ate the juice of) and i refuse to call myself one of those "v" words because if i do, i won't want to do it anymore. i'm not eating eggs either and i'm minimizing the dairy, but haven't (and probably won't) eliminated it.
yes, i feel awesome. yes, i'm experimenting with food. yes, i'm going to get skinnypants, but not that skinny because that's just not how my body is set-up. no, i still can't get to sleep in my own bed at night. yes, i'm eating a shit-ton of beets.

but the most amazing thing to me is the sheer volume of poo that is coming out of me on a daily basis! i thought that it would let up after about a week or so - i'm not eating more food or anything, just different food. and i'm freakin' pooing ALL. THE. TIME. and not a little, but LOTS. i'm sure my body is detoxing a little and whatnot, but this is getting hilariously ridiculous. as someone who has juice fasted a few times before and had to help that elimination along and see what that looks like, i'm flabbergasted by all of this.

will i ever stop pooing in this volume?! crazy!

ps - POO!

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