Tuesday, June 14, 2011

things i'm happy and excited to worry about:

1. going back to the nervous breakdown after a two week hiatus because i don't think i'll ever be able to catch up with all the reading i've missed. is there a sum up? a "best week ever" of tnb?
2. applying to a big-girl school on friday... i'm only eight weeks away from getting out of the community college pond and i'm a little jittery about this new adventure.
3. having to set a "last day in mortgage". (!!) i'll only miss three people here.
4. finding some seemingly frivolous and menial part-time job to work while going back to school full-time.
5. going to belize in december wherein i can worry about potentially getting skin cancer because i won't be able to get enough of that warm orange ball of awesome in the sky. (!!!)
6. what i'm going to do with part of my mid-august and all of my mid-september paychecks since i'll have paid everyone off by then (touch wood). what?!
7. touching wood.

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