Friday, June 24, 2011

dear sangria...

this week... this week about killed me. and it wasn't even school. that was the EASY part! it was the idiots i work for. i'm fairly certain that the fates realize that i'm on my final lap there - what? only two and a half months left? - and they're going to make that time absolute hell. today i realized i would have actually accepted hard drugs if they had been offered to me. if i knew where to score some heroin, i would have spent every last dime i had to get some because i just want to be a limp doll. that's how my brain and my psyche and my everything feels. not that i know from first-hand experience that limp doll is the result of getting high on heroin, that's just what the movies tell me.

instead, i choose sangria. because i know where to get that fix. i do not regret spending all of my food money for next week on your supplies sangria, i know you're worth it.
you just keep on chillin', marinating and getting generally awesome in my fridge...

sangria, i have a question for you: can your favorite hug, imagined hard enough, actually take the place of the real thing and squeeze all the shit from the week out of you?
i think that happened just a tiny bit today when i was walking home from the train.
tiny bit of imagined hug, tiny bit of shit gone.

i'm so exhausted sangria. the truly incoherent prattling in this post should show you that. please just let me be blissed out in your awesome this weekend.

uhngha bungha,

captain cave(woah!)man.

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