Friday, April 15, 2011

in the philosophy class

there is a young buck.
he encompasses everything a young buck could be descriptive of: strapping, dark, young, trying to figure out who he wants to be when he grows up and all full of that "fake it 'til you make it" that comes with being a young dude. example: he's from toronto, but describes himself as european. what? he wants to be a crooked accountant. he has a lot of growing up to do.
he's french-canadian. and charming. with crooked teeth. but i'm really turned off by his youngness.
and he's... intrigued by? enamored with? fascinated by? me, which confounds me to no end. he won't let me listen to the class most of the time, as he keeps trying to get my attention. and then he asks questions that i don't really want to answer, so i give some vague answer that is true, in the meta sense, and now he has to "figure me out." i don't mean for that to happen. is that what flirting is?

my bets are on that he's going to try and find a way to ask me to "hang out" before the class is over. i've done young before. i don't like it because they need guidance and don't want to teach or guide in that way, i want to be taught. and they're totally lazy in the sack which should really be the only thing they're good for.
i have a scarce few weeks to figure out how to say no to him gently.
maybe my movie recommendation will freak him out. here's hoping.

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