Thursday, March 17, 2011


the mean queens go to the pool at night! BUMMER.

tonight was my first time back in the pool in four months and... i didn't die. this is the first time, though, that i didn't feel AWESOME times 100 about 4 laps in. i think that means i really needed it.

but man, oh man! those queens are MEAN who are at the pool! DAMN! i hope they're not there everyday.


  1. My therapist thinks I should start swimming. I told her I have friends that love it. I just don't know how to swim the right way, especially with mean people who are going to be grumpy in my lane. Did you take lessons when you were younger?

  2. i just wrote this whole long thing, then blogger ate my comment!
    to sum up: most people aren't mean who swim, they know that there are new people all the time (i was really just talking about the gays preening and their being mean). no one ever gets "perfect" at swimming, so whatever you do is fine. i think you swimming is a great idea because water is calming in general - even if you just walk laps in the water until you get comfortable with a stroke, that would be helpful.
    and i've been swimming since before i could walk, it's the only active, almost obsessive, interest my mother took in me. :)