Friday, October 2, 2009

dear house of blues

i would like to thank you for taking all the awesome, dirty, rawness of the live music experience and shitting on it by turning your venues into sterile amusement parks.
oh, yes - an amusement park - replete with stands where you can buy beer or "crawfish", stands where you can buy swag for the venue, and even people with cameras coming around to take your photo while the people who are trying to make a living by coming to your establishment to play are relegated to the back-most corner of the room to sell their merch - the thing that feeds those people that are on the road day in and day out to entertain us.

as well, house of blues, i would like to thank you for attracting the houston's finest douchebaggery contingent. dudes with tight, american apparel deep-vs, drunk bottle blondes with scary heels and precarious outfits making out with greasy, gross dudes - people who go to creed concerts and who go to church to network - fuck facebook! god's the ultimate networking tool! thank you for making it all so clean so everyone can be so dirty.

live music should come with a smell - a healthy sweat from jumping around and enjoying the music - a buzz in your head and body from the musical energy - a laughter and just a little bit of healthy fear of the unknown and the willingness to go for it - anything but the sterile air-conditioned grayness that you, house of blues, have made.

at least i got to bask in the awesome raw sex energy of that heartless drummer from afar for a little while. that beautiful man kinda made me forget my disgust for a bit.

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