Tuesday, July 28, 2009


living in texas, one is always on the look-out for ways to keep cool in the summer. there is a constant quest for chillows and "personal coolers", ice cream, cold beverages, cold food - anything that will keep you cooled down a little.

with all these cooling options available, i've been pretty content, with my sole gripe about the summers being sleeping in on the weekends.
during the week, i wake up before the sun tops the trees, so i don't get direct sunlight in my room (the only room in my place that has an eastern-facing window) until i've blown that joint for the day.
the weekends are another story. i relish being able to sleep in until a double-digit hour is showing on my clock, which means that the sun is coming up on full power and shining through my nice little east window. while the ac is on, the thermostat is in a room where it's significantly cooler than my room at the heat of the morning and it gets pretty uncomfortable in there, so i decided to invest in a set of blackout curtains to see if it would help with the late morning sleep-ins. while i haven't had a chance to test the late morning sleep-in part - that will be for this weekend - it has made a significant difference at night already. it's SO dark and quiet in there now that i think it's making it harder for me to get to sleep. it's kind of frustrating. well, my inherent weirdness about the whole thing is kind of frustrating. GAH!

**UPDATE: first weekend with blackout curtains = perfect! but i had a lot to help me sleep besides. hm**

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