Wednesday, July 7, 2010

dear body

what is wrong with you?

yesterday, the entire contents of what i put in my mouth to eat is as follows:

- 2 eggs, chicken sausage and spinach scramble
- water (LOTS)
- hot chocolate from a "sachet" (said like "tar-jey")
- poached salmon fillet with brown rice
- 1
- 1 small coconut water

that's not a lot of food. and i did hot yoga yesterday. and i was feeling FULL OF FOOD at hot yoga even though the last time i ate was 6.5 hours previous - to the point that it was affecting my practice. it felt like i ate only 20 minutes before the class.

and i'm STILL not hungry.

are you just so excited to have "normal" food in you again that you are taking your time processing it?

is everything ok? because this is unusual.

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