Friday, November 13, 2009

running list

for the month-long good-bye i've got to say to austin:

- a wednesday night at flips with mte and southpaw
- a sunday night at the saxon with what's left of "the resentments" - completed 11/22
- a wednesday night at the continental with jon dee and james mcmurtry
- a thursday night at lucky lounge with ian maclagan
- a wednesday night at the broken spoke with dale watson
- a movie or 40 at the alamo
- sangria margaritas at el chile
- deluxe chicken enchiladas with deluxe tomatillo sauce at chuy's
- rudy's bbq
- a trip to lockhart for bbq - completed 11/28
- lots of amy's ice cream
- homeslice - i might fit that in with the wednesday night at the continental
- a burger and a game at the tavern
- take a bath in sweet leaf pomegranate green tea
- a michael jackson cupcake
- an "art fair" weekend in gruene
- a show at gruene hall - maybe reckless kelly
- more...

**more - so much music going on in the next month and a half!:
- continental club:
- 11/19 - ian moore
- 12/1 - david garza
- 12/3 - chili cold blood
- 12/7 - beginning of "crybear" residency at the gallery (free) and crybear is david garza
- all of december - alejandro escovedo tuesday night residency
- other:
- 11/18 - kevin devine @ emos
- 11/24 - neko case @ antones
- 12/4 & 5 - the mother hips @ emos


i'm sure i'll be adding to this list as time goes on...

i can't believe i almost forgot - a hey cupcake! cupcake. probably a michael jackson. how do you write a drool sound?


  1. nope... i'm sure it'll come to me though. already put in notice with the landlord too.

  2. You are so inspiring. I love how motivated you are.

  3. Isn't there some strawberry thing at Katz's you should have?

  4. and kirby lane pancakes. and migas from opal divine's.

  5. Holy shit!! and she's off again...
    Do you know "Off He Goes" by Pearl Jam? It just popped into my head.

    2nd observation: That's a LOT of meat. :)

  6. naw, i don't listen to a lot of pearl jam, but i do like that "bugs" song.

    and yes, i like meat. A LOT.

    speaking of meat - i need to add a trip to houston to visit danny the dirty bartender. rawr!