Thursday, February 12, 2009


how do you tell someone you have to work with everyday that they are an energy vampire and you just want them to leave you alone for a bit, without sounding like an asshole?
example: she came in and said, "are you mad at me? have i done something wrong?" me: "no, i'm just going through a lot of shit right now. i know i'm being an asshole and i'm sorry, but i just need this time." her: "but you laugh with *insert other employee's name here* but not with me anymore." more is said, but this is too much ramble for my liking.
that is high-maintenance and needy to me which turns me off to her even more. how do i say nicely that you take too much energy for me to be around you so much. i have to work with her EVERY. DAY.

is that something you learn with age? if so... that's stupid.

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